Dr Nikos hair transplant reviews and testimonials. Dr Nikos is a hands-on hair transplant Dr. As a result this shows in many of the reviews. With the care and attention given to every patient. Treating only one patient per day ensures you are the priority. Dr Nikos´s approach is to the detail. With all his hair technicians understanding his protocols. Including the expected standard to a professional but caring approach to all.

On the day of the procedure i was a little apprehensive but the whole team made me feel very comfortable throughout the day. Dr Nikos was brilliant, he was explaining everything he was doing step by step and always making sure i was okay. Nurses/technicians were brilliant, they kept talking to me throughout the procedure which really helped me feel relaxed.

I would like to thank Dr Nikos personally, such a nice friendly man with amazing attention to detail. All the Nurses and Technicians where excellent and very caring to my needs. Informing me every step of the way and concerned for my wellbeing and making me feel relaxed. Be prepared to keep your head still from the duration of the day. Surgery is in 3 parts with mine totalling 6 ½ hours.

Dr Nikolaos and his team were very professional and caring throughout the day. The procedure itself was a bit nerve-racking initially, but fairly relaxing once it was on the way. I watched a good few episodes of 'Better Call Saul' during the day which certainly took my mind off what was going on.

During the day (literally from the moment I arrived) I was made to feel welcome and at ease. Dr Nikos is clearly very experienced and extremely professional, his attention to detail was amazing. It’s only been a couple of days since the FUT procedure but I clearly see the outline of the new hairline and I am really happy with it.

I chose Dr Nikolaos for my FUT procedure because of his accreditation and reputation. On the day itself I was treated with great respect and kindness. All the team were brilliant and I just sat back and watched a couple of films while they worked their magic. Dr Nikolaos was exceptional – very caring and focused.

I've just had my hair transplants completed focusing on the crown - my experience overall has been excellent and the surgeon (Dr Nicholas) in particular and his team where great and kept me informed and very comfortable along the way.

Dr Nikolaos looked after me so well and kept me at ease through out my time at the clinic. . All the team were brilliant and I felt in the best place possible. Dr Nikolaos is exceptional in his work – very caring and focused.

Furthermore, I have every confidence in the expertise of Mr Nikolaos Zakynthinakis MD. He has a very meticulous and considerate approach.

Dr. Nikolaos Zakynthinakis carried out my procedure and I have to say that his attention to detail and care was outstanding. The support team prepping and implanting the grafts were all lovely and ensured that I was well looked after and comfortable throughout the procedure.

Dr. Nikolaos Zakynthinakis and his team were so meticulous and precise in their work, talked me through each step during the day and made me feel relaxed and always asked me how I was feeling.

Created 4 years ago

Doctor Nikos and his team. All very sociable and make you feel alot less nervous.

Created 4 years ago

Dr. Nikolaos' treatment on the day was exceptional in every way. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of doing the same.

The day of the HT with Dr Nikos and team went well and I was made to feel very comfortable throughout. It was a full day and I was the centre of attention with the team working extremely well under the expert and meticulous direction of Dr Nikos – I am incredibly thankful for their care and attention during that day.

I had my FUT procedure with Dr.Nikos and his amazing team and throughout the whole operation they kept me comfortable, relaxed and constantly updated on the progress they were making during the procedure.

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Dr.Nikos and his team of nurses throughout the whole operation kept me comfortable, relaxed and constantly updated on the progress they were making during the procedure.

Dr Zakynthinakis was fantastic throughout and really caring. I could see that he really wanted the best outcome for me. It was a lot less painful than I thought and i now cannot wait to see the full results. Thanks so much everyone!!

Instaling confidence with his procedural knowledge and calming personality, I had absolutely no trepidation knowing I had made the right decision in Dr Nikos.

"The surgery was smooth and painless and I was well looked after by the team. Dr Nikolaos and the team of technicians did a fantastic job on the day and I couldn't be happier with the results so far."

“Dr Niko is a genius – my grafts are a work of art! It’s just amazing what they can do – this is the best decision I’ve made for myself in a long, long time and I can’t wait to see the results!”

“From start to finish, the whole team made me feel welcome and comfortable. Dr Nikolaos Zakynthinakis and the technicians were great throughout the day.”

“Dr Nikos was fantastic and can’t recommend enough. You can really tell how experienced and passionate he is about his job is and wants to give you the best results. The process didn’t feel hurried and all the attention was all focused on me as they only perform on one patient per day per surgeon, so you don’t feel like your just a number.”

“The treatment itself, headed up in my case the outstanding Dr Nikos, is straightforward. Every aspect is explained in detail and the patient is always offered opportunities to ask questions or approve certain aspects. It is as stress-free as possible. The treatment exceeded my expectations.”

“Excellent from start to finish, Dr Nickos and his team were super attentive all the way through and I am looking forward to getting a great result.”

“On the day I met with Dr Nikos (and his team), he answered all my questions before hand and then as we went through the procedure – I interrogated him as I like to have all the facts but he managed to answer everything really well & put my mind at rest.”

Dr Nikos and the technicians were fantastic all day. The quality of care never dropped and I was clearly their number one priority. I was taken through the steps at each stage and at no point did I feel in the dark.