Hair loss stage and hair restoration

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male hair loss stages hair restoration

Male pattern hair loss (MPB). Is a genetic condition. That affects the majority of men over their lives. With 60-70% of all men. To varying degrees. Also known as androgenic alopecia. The Norwood Scale (NW) is a stage classification of MPB. The NW scale starts at 1 at its most minor. Concluding with NW 7 as the most progressive hair loss pattern. The hair loss stage and hair restoration are directly linked.

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Dealing with early signs of hair loss

hair transplant clinic in Europe Dr Nikos

Dealing with early signs of hair loss. Even though hair loss affects the majority of men. Socially it still has a stigma to it. Hair loss is considered to be an unwelcome sign of aging.  Either getting older before your time. Or simply not wanting to look older. The loss of a youthful appearance. As a consequence, it often goes on to affect self-confidence. Dealing with early signs of hair loss can be the answer.

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When to have a hair transplant?

when to have a hair transplant

Many assume a hair transplant is the cure to their hair loss. Regardless of their hair loss stage. From those with minor hairline or crown thinning. To others with advanced hair loss. A hair transplant can restore lost hair coverage. Also, restore a more youthful look. As a result often better self-confidence. But there is a big and important question to answer. When to have a hair transplant?

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Natural alternative DHT blockers

alternative DHT blockers

Male-pattern baldness is by far the most common male hair loss condition. With 95% of the hair loss suffered by men. Male Pattern Baldness, or MPB and androgenic alopecia. What causes this hair loss and why natural alternative DHT blockers and foods can be beneficial? MPB is a genetic hair loss condition. Inherited from family members from either ser the maternal or paternal genes.

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