Hair Transplant Techniques

hair follicles hair transplant techniques


§ Allows the extraction to be spread randomly – as a result there is minimal change to the donor area

✔ Leaves no linear scar – as a result, the white dots are randomly spread around the donor area

§ Minimal recovery time – as a result, you can return to your normal life faster

✔ Ability to “cherry pick” the hairs – as a result allows for a more refined result


§ FUT has minimal shaving – as a result, easier to hide while healing

✔ There is little to no changes to the hair density – as a result there is little change to your hair

§ Only one scar – as a result leaves minimal signs

✔ Often allows for the maximum grafts to be removed – as a result can treat advanced hair loss patterns

§ A one-day procedure – as a result, minimal inconvenience

hair graft placement hair transplant techniques
Doctor hair transplant techniques


§ Expands the donor area, chest, beard etc – as a result maximises the hair available

✔ Increases the possibility of hair coverage and density – can treat repair cases and advanced hair loss

§ Good hair characteristics blend with scalp hair – as a result can naturally adding to the look of fullness

✔ Can be performed multiple times with FUE – as a result maximises the hair resources

“From start to finish, the whole team made me feel welcome and comfortable. Dr Nikolaos Zakynthinakis and the technicians were great throughout the day.”

— Kevin T

“Dr Niko is a genius – my grafts are a work of art! It’s just amazing what they can do – this is the best decision I’ve made for myself in a long, long time and I can’t wait to see the results!”

— Beth P