Hair characteristics

hair transplant hair characteristics

Curly vs straight hair

Curly hair adds greater volume to the look. As a result more coverage can be achieved with less hair. Compared to straight hair. The volume created from wavy or curly hair can add around 30% to the result. Therefore, making more advanced hair loss patterns easier to treat.

The shorter the hair the less fullness will be visible. As regardless with curly or straight hair. Once the scalp becomes visible through the hair growth. The result will automatically looks thinner. Depending on the curl the hair follicles can be harder to harvest. Regardless of the technique, FUT or FUE.

Coarse vs fine hair

Coarse hair covers a greater surface area. Compared to fine hair. As a result, a hair transplant can require fewer hairs to achieve a natural result. This also effects the hair density required to block the scalp from being seen. Fine hair can be a third of the diameter of a coarser hair.

That said, fine has does have advantages. Depending where it is being used. For example, fine hair creates a natural, soft immediate front of the hairline. Opposed to coarser hair that can stand out more. Finer hair can be used to rebuild the lateral areas of the hairline. Also be used for eyebrow reconstruction. As it is more likely to natural blend with the surrounding hair.

hair transplant hair characteristics
hair transplant hair characteristics

The contrast between hair and skin

The hair colour versus the skin complexion. Will have a great impact on the hair transplant result. The contrast will influence the hair density required to be placed. The lower the contrast between hair colour and skin complexion. Will enhance the look of density and fullness. For instance, a light skin complexion and blonder hair. Opposed to a light skin complexion and dark hair.

Hair characteristics cover a variety of factors. All aspects play are important when planning your hair transplant. Dr. Nikos strongly believes in the importance of hair distribution. As a result, puts emphasis on natural hair characteristics. When planning the hair distribution. He believes this ensures the best result is achieved. Maximising hair coverage and density. To treat the surface area. Rather than simply fixing the procedure on specific graft numbers. As a result, our assessments are based deliberately on the individual. With the emphasis built around your natural hair characteristics.

“The treatment itself, headed up in my case the outstanding Dr Nikos, is straightforward. Every aspect is explained in detail and the patient is always offered opportunities to ask questions or approve certain aspects. It is as stress-free as possible. The treatment exceeded my expectations.”

— Kevin S

“Dr Nikos was fantastic and can’t recommend enough. You can really tell how experienced and passionate he is about his job is and wants to give you the best results. The process didn’t feel hurried and all the attention was all focused on me as they only perform on one patient per day per surgeon, so you don’t feel like your just a number.”

— David D