Hair loss stage and hair restoration

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male hair loss stages hair restoration

Male pattern hair loss (MPB). Is a genetic condition. That affects the majority of men over their lives. With 60-70% of all men. To varying degrees. Also known as androgenic alopecia. The Norwood Scale (NW) is a stage classification of MPB. The NW scale starts at 1 at its most minor. Concluding with NW 7 as the most progressive hair loss pattern. The hair loss stage and hair restoration are directly linked.

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How to treat your hair loss

planning hair restoration with Dr Nikos

As hair loss is so common today. Especially in men. But, also more women year on year. It would be natural to assume it is now accepted. But, in fact it´s the opposite. With hair restoration treatments becoming more popular. For instance, from shampoos to hair loss treatment. But, especially hair transplantation. As a result it is important the hair restoration is well planned. To ensure the correct option is chosen. To treat your hair loss condition. Genetic hair loss is progressive. Consequently can be hard to treat. Alternative hair loss conditions. Are not always suitable for some treatment options. How to treat your hair loss depends on your priorities. Also, it should not be forgotten. That not treating hair loss. Is also an option.

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Do hair transplants really work?

do hair transplants work

Do hair transplants really work? Most men, and probably all women. If given the chance. Would want a good head of hair. Hair restoration and hair care in general. Is only becoming more popular. With surgical hair restoration gaining more popularity. But, do hair transplants really work? There have been many hair restoration guarantees. For example, wonder cures and treatments. So many promising to reverse hair loss. With hair loss causing stress and loss of confidence. It is important you receive genuine help and advice.

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Dealing with early signs of hair loss

hair transplant clinic in Europe Dr Nikos

Dealing with early signs of hair loss. Even though hair loss affects the majority of men. Socially it still has a stigma to it. Hair loss is considered to be an unwelcome sign of aging.  Either getting older before your time. Or simply not wanting to look older. The loss of a youthful appearance. As a consequence, it often goes on to affect self-confidence. Dealing with early signs of hair loss can be the answer.

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Get your hair back – hair transplant

Hair transplant result Dr Nikos

Get your hair back – hair transplant. Male hair loss is progressive. Although it doesn´t mean every man loses all their hair. Commonly it can start in the early twenties. Then over the years slowly advance. Often following a hereditary pattern of hair loss. If hair loss is a concern. Get your hair back – hair transplant, can treat small hairline restoration. As well as more advanced hair loss patterns. But, is a full head of hair possible from a hair transplant?

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