Beard and Eyebrow Reconstruction

hair transplant beard reconstruction

Beard Reconstruction

Rebuilding, as well as adding fullness or design. Using scalp or beard hair. As a result, changes the technique chosen for harvesting the donor hair. Using either FUT or FUT.

Also, hair direction must be followed. As well as the design. To follow the natural facial structure. Scalp hair has a different hair growth cycle. Compared to beard hair. Therefore, this must be taken into consideration if using scalp hair. There are also the natural hair characteristics to consider. Hair coarseness, curl or straight hair. All must blend with the surrounding hair to ensure a natural beard result is achieved.

Eyebrow Reconstruction

Rebuilding eyebrow fullness. As well as changing the shape and design. Requires surgical skills and an innate artistic eye. To match the direction and orientation of the existing hair. As with beard and eyebrow reconstruction. FUE or FUT can be used to harvest the hair.

Eyebrow reconstruction is a delicate procedure. Needing an educated finesse as to the hair calibre to use. Also, when scalp hair is used. The hair growth cycle is longer. As a result, the hair will need to be cut periodically. To ensure the existing eyebrow hair and new hair maintain a natural same length.

eyebrow reconstruction hair transplant

Beard and eyebrow reconstruction can be performed using one of the three hair transplant techniques. Relying on the quality of your natural hair characteristics

Dr Nikos

“On the day I met with Dr Nikos (and his team), he answered all my questions before hand and then as we went through the procedure – I interrogated him as I like to have all the facts but he managed to answer everything really well & put my mind at rest.”

— Laura C (3 years ago)

“Excellent from start to finish, Dr Nickos and his team were super attentive all the way through and I am looking forward to getting a great result.”

— Frank C (3 years ago)