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NZK MEDICAL has decades of experience in hair restoration. Having successfully helped thousands of hair loss sufferers. Worldwide. Moreover, we have sincere love for hair restoration. Having consistently delivered to the goals and expectations of our clients. Offering a comprehensive range of hair restoration solutions. For male and female hair loss conditions. With the focus on the patient´s long-term wellbeing. As a result, you are treated as an individual. Listening and managing your expectations.

Firstly, our aim is to build a solid plan. With each being personal. From your initial assessment and consultation. We ensure open professional advice and care. In short, with the attention to high standards. Importantly informing candidates on their options. Above all, with the emphasis on the individual´s short and long-term happiness. 

Dr. Nikos – NZK Medical Director

Dr Nikolaos Zakynthinakis Kyriakou. Better known to his patients as Dr. Nikos. An experienced and skilled physician. Dedicated to the surgical field hair restoration for almost two decades. Dr. Nikos has had his work articled in UK magazines. As well as the TV programme “Botched Bodies”. When his talents were showcased in performing hair transplant repair surgery.

Dr. Nikos is a hands-on doctor. He treats only one patient per day. FUT and FUE techniques. Including body hair, beard, and eyebrow reconstruction. He performs the FUE punching and strip removal and suturing with FUT. His hair techs aid in extraction, cleaning, and graft care. All under magnification. Dr. Nikos creates custom-made incisions over the recipient area. Ready for his techs to place the grafts under his eye.

Dr Nikolaos Zakynthinakis Kyriakou. Dr. Nikos European hair transplant specialist

Dr Nikos is registered with the GMC (General Medical Council – UK). GMC registration number: 7011402. Dr. Nikos previously worked in the National Health Service. In short, the well-being of his patients is always his priority. Treating one patient per day. His focus is on detail.

The Dr is a strong believer in the importance of donor hair distribution and management. Meaning, he puts emphasis on natural hair characteristics. Rather than simply fixing the procedure on graft numbers. Dr Nikos believes this ensures the best result is achieved. On two important factors. Making the most of the hair characteristics . To maximise hair coverage and density. Secondly, to not remove more hair than necessary. From the donor area. Resulting in over-harvesting overtime. Also, potentially reducing the hair restoration coverage.

Care & Quality – standards & protocols

Dr. Nikos expects the highest standards for himself. As well as his staff. A reason he only treats one patient per day. To ensure they receive the full attention of him and his technician team. With a high level of attention on the detail. The medical team are expert in the practice of FUT and FUE hair transplants. As well as body hair, BHT. Also beard and eyebrow reconstruction. As a result of Dr. Nikos´ attention to detail. Combined with his surgical ability. Results in his diversity of surgical skills. Treating demanding hair transplant repair cases. Our standards begin with the initial assessment. Ongoing throughout your hair restoration experience. Including during the after-care.

When Dr Nikos came to the UK he was already working in the field of hair restoration. As well as a period at the NHS. He still maintains his medical skills and love for medicine. With his research into blood-related glucose conditions. Amongst many research and development programmes, he involves himself. But, now having returned to his home country. With his clinic in Athens Greece. As a result, Dr Nikos still offers his consultation services in the UK and performs his surgery in Athens, Greece. His demanding standards ensures regardless of the location. You can expect only the best service. NZK Medical offers a number of ways for you to make initial contact. If you are unable to meet us in-person. We offer an initial online assessment. This is a comprehensive report on your current hair loss stage. This includes an open assessment. On your suitability as a good surgical hair restoration candidate. If you prefer to begin with general questions. We are happy to help.

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“Dr Nikos and the technicians were fantastic all day. The quality of care never dropped and I was clearly their number one priority. I was taken through the steps at each stage and at no point did I feel in the dark.”

Andrew M