Permanent hair transplants

Dr Nikos permanent hair transplant results athens greece

Hair loss regardless of the stage. From minor hairline or crown thinning. To advanced hair loss patterns over the entire top of the head. Regardless of age. Wanting to restore lost hair can become an issue at anytime in life. Consequently, it´s normal to look for what appears to be the best hair restoration option. As a result, permanent hair transplants at first glance are the answer. But, it should be remembered. That occasionally a hair loss treatment is suggested. As both options have pros and cons. Depending on the hair loss stage.

Although male or female hair loss is commonplace. With many treatment options available. Subsequently it is important to research. today. As many will promise miracles. But deliver little to nothing. Permanent hair transplants use genetically strong hair. As a result, the hair loss gene. Does not affect certain hair follicles. That said, you still need to be a good candidate for a hair transplant. Therefore are permanent hair transplants guaranteed? A concern as well as a popular question. As there are always consequences. Although, in theory a transplant can grow for a lifetime. As genetically healthy hair are used. As a result if they continued to grow in the donor zone. They will continue in the new area. As they retain their genetic properties.

That said, this does not mean the hair transplant will look natural. As this is another issue. To successful permanent hair transplants. A cosmetically natural hair transplant. Requires a combination of factors. For instance, surgical and artistic skills. As well as making the most of the natural hair characteristics. Importantly a good understanding between the doctor and patient. That aspects such as goals and expectations can be met. Dr Nikos for example, is a firm believer and puts strong emphasis on discussion. During the consultation period. As Dr Nikos believes this is the first step to successful hair restoration.

FUE or even FUT hair transplants

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Is now the most popular technique. But, not to dismiss FUT, or Follicular Unit Transplant. Both are Doctor performed. Aided by a team of hair technicians. Both performed under a local anaesthetic. As well as a mild sedative. The difference between the techniques. Is the donor hair management. Or, how the hair is removed from the donor area. One with a hair-bearing strip. Whereas the other with a punch method.

Thereafter, the follicular units are cleaned. Always under magnification and maintained in a holding solution. Ready and waiting to be placed back into their new area. While the hair follicles are cleaned. The doctor is creating custom-made sites over the treatment area. Slits made for the size of the hair unit. The angle and direction often needing to change. The density being created in different areas of the head. The process of placement is slow and delicate. Consequently requires patience and precision.

Will a hair transplant last forever?

As a correctly performed hair transplant. Is simply the movement of genetically strong hair. Under normal conditions the result will be permanent. That said, a hair transplant cannot prevent progressive hair loss. As a result, a responsible hair restoration Doctor. Will take this into consideration. Will plan for future hair loss. Taking care for the donor harvesting, hairline planning and more. A good hair transplant. Will always plan for the future. Create a natural hair restoration today. But always having in mind the furfure. As a result if and when hair loss advances. A subsequent hair transplant can be performed.

Finding good hair transplant candidates

Everyone has a finite supply of donor hair. That being the hair around the back and sides of one’s head. Although more recently body hair has been used. But, this also is finite. As well as needing to be suitable. As a result, having a thorough hair assessment is important. Firstly to assess the hair characteristics. Along with age, and the hair loss pattern. Any assessment should be realistic about the results. Otherwise an individual’s expectations maybe too high.

The consultation can start online. especially if you are a distance from the Clinic. Or simply have limited time to spare. It should include sending your personal and hair loss detail. Include clear images that expose your hair loss. As well as your goals and expectations from hair restoration. A personal consultation not only allows for a more detailed assessment. But the opportunity to meet the Doctor. Dr. Nikos is a hands-on doctor. He performs only one patient per day. FUT and FUE the Dr performs the removal of the grafts from the donor. His techs aid in the extraction, cleaning, and care under magnification. Dr. Nikos creates the custom-made incisions, Ready for his techs to place the grafts under his eye. The Dr and his team are always available with ongoing after-care. Throughout the healing and growth. Your new hair regrows slowly over the following year.

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