How successful are hair transplants?

Dr Nikos hair transplant result Athens, Greece hair clinic

Hair transplants are commonplace in cosmetic surgery today. Having been improving over many years. As a result, is an effective method of hair restoration. But, only when performed to a high standard. A hair transplant can rebuild lost hairlines. As well as lost hair coverage and density. With genetically strong hair. From around the back and sides of the head. Also now more commonly using body hair. That said, hair transplant success rates can vary. As a result, how successful are hair transplants? Many skills are required. Some innate and some learnt. As it takes surgical and artistic skills. Consequently, research is important. As you deserve the best. Without the hassles of needing further work to rectify.

So, how successful are hair transplants? The success rate depends on a few factors. Predominantly the skill and experience of the team. Especially today. As it is becoming more common. The doctor is playing a minor role. As a result, check before committing. That the hair transplant. Regardless of technique. Will be performed by a doctor. Only helped by the technicians. As a hair transplant is a medical and surgical procedure. With certain aspects only to be performed by a registered doctor.

Then natural attributes, the quality of hair characteristics plays an important role. As a result, one of the first aspects the doctor examines. For instance, hair and skin colour/complexion. Also hair calibre, curliness or straight hair. Because the hair characteristics can determine the quality of the result. Along with the goals and expectations of the candidate. As well as factors such as age, hair loss stage, potential future hair loss stage and any medical conditions.

How the doctor creates a natural hair transplant – hair angles and yield

The best hair transplants. Use a minimal amount of hair. To create a natural-looking hair coverage. Including hair density. Without over-using the donor hair. As a result, conserving the hair with good donor hair management. Gaining the maximum hair coverage and density. With the minimum of hair requires both surgical and artistic skills. Using the natural qualities of the hair characteristics. Placing the hair to match the angle and orientation of the surrounding natural hair. Rebuilding a hairline that naturally complements the facial bone structure. To frame the face naturally on the day but also over the many years later. Treating each candidate individually. Not with one hairline suits all.

Not of any lesser importance to the success of a hair transplant. Is the hair growth or yield. Simply, how much of the transplanted hair grows? In capable, and experienced hands. The hair transplant hair yield should be in the high 90%´s. To ensure a strong hair yield. The doctor will have strong protocols and standards in place. For example, the use of magnification and stereo loupes. With a holding solution used to maintain the quality of the follicular units. Along with a well-trained team of technicians.

With careful planning. Resulting in good donor hair management. As well as an educated pattern of hair distribution. Over the areas of hair loss. The skills and protocols of the surgeon. Aided by their technician team. Fully dedicated to one patient at a time. With an attention to detail. The team work in unison. As a result, this ensures the procedure is performed efficiently. In the best interests of the patient. Along with the quality of the result.

Often the first contact with a hair restoration clinic. Will be an online consultation assessment. This is a good first step. As it can give a good idea to the options available. With an initial assessment of the current hair loss stage. Along with detailing the options available. Pros and cons to each. Consequently the suggestion and planning to the hair restoration. Importantly, be open to your goals and expectations. Also, send clear images of your hair loss. Expose the areas you wish to be treated. As much information you can give. Along with working together with the doctor. Consequently, can help to ensure a successful hair transplant.

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