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Considering restoring your hairline or hair coverage? Consequently you need to look at the hair transplant techniques. So, what´s the differences in techniques. Today, FUE hair transplant technique is the most requested. Although, does that mean it´s best for everyone? Any hair transplant works because we have genetically strong hair. As a result some of this hair can be moved to areas of hair loss. How this is moved depends on the hair transplant technique. With FUE considered being the least invasive of them all. As a result, reasons for a FUE hair transplant

What is Follicular Unit Extraction?

To give “FUE” it´s full name. Follicular Unit Extraction. This is the movement of genetic groups of hair. Medically known as follicular units (FU). Natural groups of hairs. Usually from 1 to 4 hairs per unit. A surgical punch is used. By the Doctor. To surround the FU. Consequently sever the hair unit from the surrounding skin tissue. As the extraction is blind. That being not being able to see below the skin. As a result, requires a great deal of surgical skill. With an understanding of anatomy, skin characteristics, hair follicle variants.

The Doctor will start by planning the extraction. For instance, how many grafts are required. Whether the donor area is universally strong. Is future hair loss going to likely change the size of the safe donor area. All aspects and more are important. Not only for the first FUE hair transplant. But also the long-term planning of future hair restoration. Not everyone is a good FUE candidate. With the Doctor’s assessment of the donor. Being the starting point.

Is it True? FUE leaves no scars

All hair transplants. In fact all surgical procedures. Will produce some scarring. There is no such things as a non-scarring hair transplant. But, FUE is different from the more traditional hair transplant technique. This was FUT – follicular unit transplant. FUT leaves a linear scar. Whereas FUE does not. The cylindrical surgical punch used with FUE. Results in a small round wound being made. Overtime, as the area heals. The skin complexion relaxes. Resulting in a paler mark or scar. Dependent on the skin characteristics. Often, with the punch wound becoming harder to see. How obvious the FUE scarring will be. Can be a result of many considerations. For instance, how many grafts are extracted, the quality of the punch and Doctor´s experience. Also the skin healing properties and extraction pattern, to name a few.

The importance of Doctor performed FUE

Never assume all hair transplants are equal. Many aspects can differ. For instance, from the protocols to cost. Also, who performs the hair transplant. Always research. Confirm who and how your FUE hair transplant is performed. As a surgical procedure. A certified Doctor should perform certain aspects. Starting with the diagnosis and planning. Discussing medical matters. Having a medical understanding of anatomy, skin properties and healing. The differences in hair characteristics and how to approach the graft extraction.

The Doctor performing the punching of the hair grafts from the donor area. The extraction is often aided by the team of hair technicians. But the action to punch around the hair unit. Decide on which to remove and the pattern of the removal. Consequently is decided upon and actioned by the Doctor. Especially when considering reasons for a FUE hair transplant. Ensure the hair punching is Doctor performed.

Other reasons for a FUE hair transplant

  • While scarring is left. With careful planning and punching, FUE is less obvious. As is spread randomly around the head.
  • Healing of the donor area especially. Is faster than FUT hair transplant. With almost no obvious signs of the extraction after two weeks. As well as less restrictions on exercise etc.
  • FUE “cherry-picking”. As the grafts are removed individually. There is a better chance to remove specific hair units. For instance is creating a hairline, or eyebrow reconstruction. When the hair calibre needs to be finer.
  • Widens the donor area. The FUT donor is a specific zone around the head. Restricted by the length and width of the strip removed. FUE opens the donor to the entire back and sides of the head. Within a safe zone of genetically strong hair growth.
  • FUE has allowed the expansion of the donor hair resource. Body hair, chest, legs and beard for instance. Giving, especially a new alternative for repair patients.

Dr Nikos European hair transplant specialist on FUE

MEDICAL Director of NZK Medical, Dr. Nikolaos Zakynthinakis Kyriakou. Better known as Dr. Nikos. Is a hands-on doctor. He performs only one patient per day. FUT and FUE the Dr performs the removal of the grafts from the donor. His techs aid in the extraction, cleaning, and care under magnification. Dr. Nikos creates the custom-made incisions. Ready for his techs to place the grafts under his eye. The Dr and his team are always available with ongoing after-care. Throughout the healing and growth. Your new hair regrows slowly over the following year.

For a free, no obligation online assessment from Dr Nikos. Click on the consultation link below and send your details.

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