Dr role in a hair transplant

Doctor hair transplant techniques

Hair transplants are becoming more and more common. Especially with more people in public life. “Coming out” and talking about their experience. As a medical or surgical procedure. It would be assumed the Dr role in a hair transplant. Was implied. But protocols can vary, As a result it should not be assumed. When discussing your case. Either in person or as an online-assessment. Always ensure you understand what part a Dr plays.

Today there are two major hair transplant techniques. FUE, follicular unit extraction and FUT, follicular unit transplant. With BHT or body hair technique being an offshoot of FUE. The differing factors between the two techniques. Is the method the hair extracted. Hair transplants are performed under local anaesthetic and a mild sedative. Normally performed as a one day procedure. Occasionally over two days. With no need for a hospital stay. Also with simply after-care. The Dr needs to play the main role throughout the day. Simply, the well-being of the patient is totally within their care and responsibility. Although the Dr may be aided by technician staff. They are to help the Dr only in certain aspects of the hair transplant.

How is the hair harvested?

FUT hair harvesting arguably requires greater surgical skills and knowledge. As factors such a skin laxity and skin characteristics play a large role. For example, dealing with variations in fatty tissue under the skin. As well as understanding a refined suturing technique. To close the area. While leaving as little change as possible. FUE relies on slightly different surgical skills. As the extraction is blind. Consequently until the first few punch extractions are made. The depth, angle and orientation of the hair follicle is only an educated estimate. As a result, the Dr role in a hair transplant. Regardless of the technique. Is to perform this aspect of the hair transplant.

Hair transplant technicians then play an important role. All the grafts need to be separated. Cleaned and checked. Then divided into their natural grouping size. Consequently under magnification. Always being held in a holding solution. The Dr oversees this area of the procedure. Of course to ensure quality. But also to check the quality of hair units. Ready to be placed.

Custom-made recipient sites

custom made recipient sites dr nikos

A hair transplant largely looks natural. Due to the hair distribution. How the hair transplant is put together. Or what hairs go where. How the hair is placed can make a big difference. To the look, to styling and subsequently how natural you hair behaves. Custom-made recipient sites created by the Dr. As this suggests. These are slits made to cater for the individual hair units size and characteristics. As a result, truly creating a bespoke, and refined hair transplant result.

A hair unit varies in size, calibre of the hair. For instance, the curl of the hair and the number of hairs within the unit. The slit or recipient site the hair unit is placed into alters. Depending on the position being treated. For example as the slits move around the hairline the angle and orientation changes. The depth may need to change as well as the hair density placed. Especially as the temple rounds down. The angle and density alters. The custom-made slits dictate how the hair units can be placed within the slit. As a result help the hair technicians ensure they only place the correct hair units in the correct slits. Using special forceps to hold the hair unit. With delicate hand-eye coordination. This again, defines a refined method of hair transplantation.

Discussing the differences in Dr role in hair transplant

Before committing to a hair transplant. Be sure to understand the process. Do not assume all hair transplant protocols are the same. Regardless of clinic location. Dr role in a hair transplant can vary. Often this is reflected in cost. Also how many hair transplants the clinic perform per day. Often a Dr performed hair transplant only treats one patient per day. As a result, Dr performed hair transplant are more involved and more detailed.

Dr. Nikos is a hands-on doctor. He performs only one patient per day. FUT and FUE the Dr performs the removal of the grafts from the donor. His techs aid in the extraction, cleaning, and care under magnification. Dr. Nikos creates the custom-made incisions, Ready for his techs to place the grafts under his eye. The Dr and his team are always available with ongoing after-care. Throughout the healing and growth. Your new hair regrows slowly over the following year.

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