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Hair transplant result Dr Nikos

Get your hair back – hair transplant. Male hair loss is progressive. Although it doesn´t mean every man loses all their hair. Commonly it can start in the early twenties. Then over the years slowly advance. Often following a hereditary pattern of hair loss. If hair loss is a concern. Get your hair back – hair transplant, can treat small hairline restoration. As well as more advanced hair loss patterns. But, is a full head of hair possible from a hair transplant?

Planning your hair restoration

A hair transplant is permanent. When performed correctly. With the movement of genetically strong hair. Normally taken from the back and sides of the head (donor area). But, occasionally using body hair. For instance, beard and chest hair. The donor areas are a finite resource. As a result, the hair will eventually run out. As a result, regardless how good the hair characteristics are. The safe amount that can be removed. Will dictate how much is available.

Consequently, hair restoration planning is important. Understanding what can technically be achieved. To ensure short and long-term happiness is achieved. Regardless of the starting hair loss pattern. But, especially with advanced hair loss. As often the expectation is to want a full head. Dr Nikos believes the best results start with the natural hair characteristics. As well as other factors. Rather than designing a hair transplant around a specific number of grafts.

Dr Nikos hair transplant specialist FUE and FUT surgery

While the number graft numbers is the final calculation. With respect to restoring your hair. The number of grafts that can safely be extracted. Is an important number. Either in one hair transplant or multiple procedures. Will be dictated by the quality and hair density of your hair around the back and sides of your head.

The illusion of a full head of hair

If your hair loss has advanced. Is getting back a full head of hair possible? It´s only possible. When the donor area is strong. But also because hair transplant works on the basis of partial illusion. That being, using a relatively small amount of hair. To cover from hairline to crown. With what appears to be a natural density or fullness of hair. As a hair transplant cannot replace like for like hair lost. How is this possible?

The answer is a combination of factors. For instance, good hair characteristics. Combined with surgical and artistic skills of the Doctor. As a result, the look of a full head of hair can be achieved. The hair units can be placed close enough together, That when grown out. Mimics a natural looking hair density. Especially when the hair is long enough to lay over the surrounding hair. This is achieved by surgical skills being able to place a high hair density. Along with matching the angle and orientation of the surrounding existing hair.

When to start your hair restoration?

With careful planning, on the right candidate. It is possible to achieve total hair coverage. As well as a natural looking hair density. With an educated use of the donor hair. Appropriate hairline design. As well as patience to complete the restoration. As it will require multiple hair transplant procedures. All need to be discussed during the consultation process.

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