Making your hair look thicker

Making your hair look thicker hair loss and thinning hair

Often the day you notice your hair thinning or receding. The memory stays with you. It´s also the time you start to think. What can you do? Making your hair look thicker is often the first thought. The first signs of hair loss. May not be too obvious to others. As a result, it may be easier to hide. In the early stages. But a receding hairline. Or the crown opening, can be harder to disguise.

Time for a new hairstyle

For a man especially. There is always the option to shave. Cut your hair short all over, top, back and sides. But, for some. This may not be a viable option. Shaving often reduces the contrast between the hair colour and skin complexion. As a result of reducing this it hides the areas of thinning.

Shaving though, may not be necessary. Changing your hairstyle can help making your hair look thicker. The length of your hair can add balance. To the style. As it can make a more even coverage. As a result making the hair look thicker. A hair dressing tip. By blunting the ends of your hair will make them appear thicker also. Or by leaving your hair longer in areas to help disguise trouble spots. But avoid a combover.

Change your hair colour

Hair colour can make a big difference. Especially in contrast to the skin complexion. A reason hair loss becomes obvious. Is when the contrast between hair and skin becomes bigger. Lowering the contrast will help give the illusion of more hair coverage. Or greater fullness. As a result a subtle hair colour change can go a long way. In reducing the look of hair thinning or hair loss.


These have become more popular in recent years. Similar to changing the hair colour. A concealer add colour. Concealers range in application. From a cream that covers the scalp. To popular fibres that stick to the hair shafts. The latter use statically charged fibres. As a result, they stick to the hair shaft. Creating the look of greater fullness. Available in different shades to match your hair colour. Used with fixing sprays so they don´t run in wet weather.

Dr Nikos hair transplant specilist FUE and FUT surgery
Dr Nikos

What treatments can preserve and even restore thinning hair?

The above options are stop gaps. It´s not that they won´t help. But are short term. Because once the hair gets to a certain stage. You can´t hide it any longer. Male pattern baldness is slow. But it is progressive. Especially when it starts at a young age. Or the hair loss gene is strong in the family.

There are three FDA approved hair loss treatments. While they cannot promise to lower hairlines. Or refill open crowns. They can stabilise your hair growth. Even help to improve the regrowth quality of your hair. Always take professional advice before using any treatment.

A more serious option available. Is a hair transplant. While not a cure for hair loss. Also, they are not suitable for everyone. Some are simply not good candidates for this surgical option. But, if you are a candidate. A hair transplant can replace lost hairlines. Improve hair coverage and lost density.

A permanent hair restoration solution

There are two recognised hair transplant techniques. They are Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplant. Consequently, both use the natural grouping of hairs. Called follicular units. These are placed over the areas of hair loss. A hair transplant works because all men keep a band of hair around the back and sides of our head. This hair is genetically immune from hair loss. This is called the donor area. As a result, some of the hair can be removed. To rebuild areas of lost hair.

A hair transplant is a highly skilled surgical procedure. Dr Nikos of NZK Medical has been helping hair loss sufferers for many years. Performing FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques. As a result can help all types of candidates. Including those wanting beard and eyebrow reconstruction using body hair. For your free online assessment with Dr Nikos, click here.

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