Hair transplant – what are you paying for?

Natural hair characteristics - hair transplant cost

Regardless of the hair transplant technique. As FUE or FUT. A hair transplant comes at a cost. So, with a hair transplant – what are you paying for? It´s important to understand. How the cost of your hair transplant is calculated. As a result, it will help you appreciate what goes into your hair transplant result. Not necessarily the financial cost. But the quality of your hair transplant result. As a result, Dr Nikos is a a big advocate on educating candidates.

Dr Nikos believes in the careful and deliberate design of the hair distribution. As a result of the educated distribution of hair. This maximises the coverage he can achieve. While maintaining the efficient use of the hair units. While there is always a final graft count. The Dr believes the best results start with the natural hair characteristics. As well as other factors. Rather than designing a hair transplant around a specific number of grafts.

Hairs, grafts, hair follicles, what’s the fuss about?

So, a hair transplant – what are you paying for regarding the hair units? Hairs grow in natural groups. These groups are called follicular units (FU´s). A follicular unit is made of a single hair. Up to four hairs. Naturally, we have more single and two hair FU´s around the sides of our head. With a higher concentration of 3 and 4 hair units around the back. As a result of the educated distribution of the different sized FU. A skilled hair transplant Doctor can create natural hairlines, hair density and coverage.

Typically, approximately 30% of scalp hair follicles have one hair. With 40% having two hairs. Resulting in 30% of follicles have three to four hairs. This obviously, but varies from person to person and ethnicity.

hair transplant hair characteristics

We want to extract the amount of grafts required. Based on follicle characteristics. To ensure a natural successful result is achieved. This includes the donor. After we start extracting and analysing under magnification. Respecting that we also have to deliver a perfect result for the donor site. If any further procedure is required.

Dr Nikos

Importance of your hair characteristics

The difference between poor to average to good hair characteristics. Can result in change 30%-40% in graft distribution. As well as the graft numbers. Aspects such as hair colour. Compared to the skin complexion. The lower the natural contrast the greater the look of hair coverage and fullness. As a result, it´s common hair loss sufferers change their hair colour. To help hide the extent of hair loss. Other important considerations include. The coarsens of the hair shaft. Thick or fine hair qualities. Also, the difference between straight hair opposed to curly or wavy hair. Again, with the latter helping to increase the look of fullness.

A hair transplant is made up of many different aspects. Consequently what you are paying for. Is not not a simple answer. As the equation must consider the Dr´s professional qualities. The ability to take an amount of hair and using the hair characteristics to the maximum. Resulting in a natural hairline, and or hair coverage and density. At your hair loss consultation Dr Nikos will discuss your goals and expectations. Considering the hair loss pattern and your age. Confirm the pros and cons to each hair transplant technique. As a result look to plan your hair restoration for the long-term.

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