Healing and hair transplant hair growth

hair transplant healing and hair growth

It´s one of the most asked questions about a hair transplant. Healing and hair transplant hair growth. The first advice is. Give yourself time to recover. Don´t rush it into your schedule. If need be wait for a better time. You are making an investment in your life and look. Try to allow a reasonable time for recovery. Including returning to work. Or, getting back to restarting an exercise regime. Be it a light or heavy work-out.

Hair transplant recovery starts immediately. For the donor and the recipient area. Each having different recovery issues. The first days are always important. To keep the hair and scalp clean. Follow the post-operative instruction provided to you. Never take advice from a third party. Especially unqualified persons. Healing and hair transplant hair growth is personal.

Immediate hair transplant healing

A little swelling over the forehead sometimes occurs. Especially when the hairline has been restored. Naturally dissipating downwards. The new grafts are delicate for the first days. Do not touch or rub the grafted area. The FUE donor area is less vulnerable. That said, care is still required to not cause abrasion. Gentle washing is required.

A thin crust appears over the grafted area. Do not try to remove the crust. As a result of washing the crust will naturally breakdown. Due to the hydrating and dehydrating of the skin. healing times may differ. Depending on the skin characteristics and the size of the procedure. It´s normal by 12-14 days the recipient area is clean. Hair is growing longer in the donor area.

FUE hair growth

Hair growth after an FUE hair transplant is slow and progressive. It’s common the new hair sheds around 30 days post-op. The hair follicles enter a restoring or dormant phase. This resting phase last approximately 2 months. At which point the hair follicles start to regrow. Initial hair growth is minimal and often random.

hair transplant healing and hair growth

At three months post-FUE. Hair growth is visible. The hair quality is often finer than normal also. As the first phase of new hair growth. Over time and numerous hair growth cycles the hair quality matures. Subsequently the hair quality and calibre become stronger and healthier overtime.

Final stages of hair growth

Six months after your hair transplant. Is a benchmark for many. At this stage, around 50% hair growth is apparent. Consequently, the hairline is more defined. Behind, the hairline. Hair coverage is more even. Even though hair density has not fully matured. At this stage of hair growth. Many can start to realise how the full result will mature. Over the next six to twelve months. The remaining hair growth is expected. As a result it’s commonly discussed a hair transplant result takes 12 months to achieve.

Changes to hair growth patterns

There are occasions when the normal hair growth cycles can alter after a hair transplant. As a result, always discuss directly with your Doctor. For some, the healing and hair growth can be a difficult time. Waiting and being concerned they will achieve the desired result.

Always follow the Doctor and Clinic instructions. If you have a doubt it is better to ask. Rather than take a risk. Try to cover any concerns prior to your FUE hair transplant. As this will reduce any issues at a later date. If this is not possible keep an open discussion with your Clinic throughout the period of your hair growth.

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