Hair transplant hairlines – the best

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Hair transplant the best hairline

The majority of us would love a strong hairline. Young men have a vivid memory of their hairline. Before hair loss. As a result, often wish to return to the same hairline. With hair socially linked to a more youthful look. Along with strength, health and being more attractive to others. Almost always, a hair transplant is not the correct solution. When young and minimal hair loss. Male pattern hair loss is progressive. A more mature hair loss sufferer may have alternate concerns. Feeling a low hairline may not appear natural. May not complement their age, and appear too youthful. Hair transplant hairlines – the best as a result. Is timing and planning.

Hairline differences

A hair transplant hairlines – the best is personal. Ethnicity, the genre may dictate certain natural traits. This also includes gender. As a male and female hairline are inherently different. In fact, in most cases the opposite. Simplistically, a male hairline the centre or apex of the hairline is the lowest point. Whereas a female hairline the apex is the highest point. As a result, the hairline shapes are roughly opposite.

male hairline designs by Dr

Low to conservative hairline designs

The laws of nature dictate the hairline design boundaries. For example, the male hairline. The apex distance above the bridge of the nose. Normally ranging between 7-8 cm in height. Creating a crude “M” shape. Taking into consideration age, hair loss stage present and future. As well as the donor hair quality. To sustain the long-term natural looking head of hair. The hair transplant hairlines – the best hairline can then be designed. The best hairline transplants often mean considering options.

Attempting to cheat nature is ill-advised. A hair transplant is a permanent solution to hair loss. Using genetically strong hair. As a result, the hair growth is permanent. The hairline will not change as you age. As your facial features mature your hairline will not. Consequently, the design and planning from conception will determine the best hairline transplants. Long-term.

Creating FUE transplant hairlines

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most demanded hair transplant technique today. The minimally invasive surgical hair restoration technique is ideal for smaller procedures. Such as creating a new hairline. FUE removes individual hair units. As a result, the best hair units can be removed. To build the new hairline, dependent on the natural hair characteristics.

Hair characteristics cover a number of attributes. For example, hair colour, to straight to curly hair. Thick, coarse hair compared to a fine hair shaft. The hair characteristics will determine how the Doctor plans the hairline. The design and hair density for instance. Regardless of the genre or hair characteristics. Every hairline is first made of single hair units. Closely pact together to create a defined line. The Doctor carefully creates an uneven or irregular frontline. Consequently when the new hairline grows the result is a soft natural line. Not an unnatural rounded, symmetrical line.

Behind the rows of single hairs. The Doctor distributes multiple hair units. Carefully, to increase the look of fullness and to block the reflection of light off the scalp. As a result, creating a solid, natural frontal hairline. That not only frames the face well today. Without, moving, matures with the person and complements the individual´s bone structure.

Taking this into consideration. The hairline does have the greatest impact on a hair transplant result. Time for your online consultation assessment.

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